Red Lips Are Sealed

I review my life and I think of hurdles, chapters, moments in time where I have allowed deficiency to combat choices & decisions.

If I were to look up the word deficiency in the dictionary it would most commonly be characterised as – failure, shortcoming, weakness.

As Lyanla Vanzant once said, your eyes will adjust to the level of deficiency present.

So in other words…we adjust our life expectations, desires & goals based on what other people have experienced.

My ‘goal’ as a child was to become a writer. In 8th Grade my teacher told my mum during parent teacher interviews ‘you need to work on lowering her expectations of becoming a writer’.

My mother was outraged, I was confused & blindsided, MY vision for MY life adjusted then & there.

All the while keeping in mind that a vision is so important – YOUR vision is for YOU.


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The Apple

Arthur Wards

On a cold day in 1942, inside a Nazi concentration camp, a lone, young boy

looks beyond the barbed wire and sees a young girl pass by. She too, is

moved by his presence. In an effort to give expression to her feelings, she

throws a red apple over the fence — a sign of life, hope, and love. The

young boy bends over and picks up the apple. A ray of light has pierced his



The following day, thinking he is crazy for even entertaining the

notion of seeing this young girl again, he looks out beyond the fence,

hoping. On the other side of the barbed wire, the young girl yearns to see

again this tragic figure who moved her so. She comes prepared with apple in


Despite another day of wintry blizzards and chilling air, two hearts are

warmed once again as the apple…

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A Mother Ran Back to the Burning House, to Save Her Handicapped Son, She Was Found, Three Meters from Him, They Both Died

Mirroring the World

An accident that took two lives, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

An old mansion in Miaoli was on fire late last night, the fire spread quickly and fiercely, the fifty-three year-old resident, a woman, Huang, after she brought her three-year-old granddaughter to safety, she ran back into the burning house, for her seventeen-year-old son who has cerebral palsy, and, the two of them were trapped, by the collapsed ceiling, just three meters away from the door, they’d died.  As the police and the fire department examined the scene, they’d found the mother, with her arms, wrapped around her son, holding him tight, to block him from the fallen ceiling.

The owner of the house, Pan stated, that when his son was just ten months old, they were careless, and, they’d dropped him to the floor, and, he’d become immobilized since, they’d taken him to multiple surgeries, and still, he…

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Showing Manliness

Madamsabi's Blog

Once upon a time a father was very frustrated with his son because he
did not seem very manly though he was already sixteen years old. The
father went to see a Zen master and asked the master to help his son
become a real man.


The master said: “I can help you; however, you will have to leave your
son at my place for three months. For the whole period, you are not
allowed to come to see him. I will assure your satisfaction after the
three months.”

As promised, the father did not come back until three month
later. The master arranged a karate match to show the father the
training result.

When the competition was starting, the father found out that the opponent was a karate trainer.

The trainer certainly made sure that he was fully prepared to win
before he started to attack. On the other…

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The Three Second Rule

Today was an great day. The sun was out, the climate was warm and all the women were demonstrating a bit of skin. So we chose to have a grill.

Being that i have the feared Y chromosome, i take it as my obligation to man the barbecue as regularly as could be allowed, and today was no special case. So we got some chicken, we got a few burgers.. furthermore we began the cooking methodology. Which brings us to the current point: the three second rule.

For the uninitiated, the three second govern is the point at which you drop nourishment on the floor, and in the event that you lift it up inside three seconds.. its still great to consume.

In the event that it keeps going longer, in any case, you most likely ought to either toss it out.. then again clean it truly hard and after that consume it, trusting that nothing excessively hurtful got adhered to it.

Some individuals think the 3 second rule isn’t right or terrible. My fair sentiment is that the floor ought to never be a motivation behind why great sustenance goes to waste. I was in india once quite a while back and i really saw an old woman utilize the floor as a celebrated plate. It appeared to be a decent thought at the time, however of course i was 9. The basic reality is, hurtful germs simply DO NOT have the portability to get on to sustenance inside 3 seconds, thus the excellence of the time window given to us by this radiant guideline.

No Time to Waste.

Thoughts Of A Crooked Mind

Life is too short to waste on things that won’t really matter in the long run.This may seem like an immature advice and you might even feel weird for questioning yourself but analyze things by asking yourself- “Will this matter to me in 5 years?”
Decide and proceed according to the answer you get honestly from yourself.Going to a good school and getting good grades will surely matter but smoking 2 cigarettes isn’t gonna do you any good,it might even give you cancer,reduce your lung capacity or even things that are far worse(hint early death).People smoke because they like to,because YOLO?(lame right?),they say they want to live in the present,really?Can anyone be a bigger fool for ruining their health and body instead of respecting it?
I’ve dwelt on things and worried about things unnecessarily and it only helped me go a level down,wasted my precious time and no wonder I…

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25 Random Acts of Kindness Anyone Can Commit

acts-of-kindness (1)

I know many of us tend to feel overwhelmed during the holiday season, strapped for cash, and unable to get into the spirit. I’ve always felt that doing something good for someone else is one of the best ways to feel better and improve your own mood. To help inspire you, here are 25 different acts of kindness you might be able to commit (and only a handful involve spending money).

  1. Send a card to a soldier overseas.
  2. Send a card to a terminally ill child.
  3. Let the person behind you have the parking spot you’re both driving around looking for.
  4. Bake some cookies and drop them off at places where people have to work on Christmas — hospitals, firehouses, police stations, subway stops, etc.
  5. Know someone going out of town for a few days? Offer to water plants or feed the cats.
  6. Offer to shovel snow for a neighbor.
  7. Give a homeless person a gift certificate to a sandwich chain.
  8. Help a neighbor carry groceries or packages to her door.
  9. Leave some tissue in the stall that’s run out of toilet paper.
  10. Donate something to a school shooting victim.
  11. Send your favorite blogger, newspaper columnist, or local radio DJ a fan letter.
  12. If you see a single parent in the airport this holiday season, juggling a million things, plus a kid or two, ask if you can help with anything (thank you!).kindness-480
  1. Trade your aisle seat for the middle seat of very tall person (or old person or a person with a baby).
  2. Share your umbrella if it’s raining. (Back when Jackson was a newborn, we got caught in the rain without an umbrella one afternoon, and a woman saw us from across the street, ran over, and actually gave us her umbrella. It was so kind and really boosted my spirits!)
  3. Tip a street musician, look him or her in the eye, and say, “Thank you.”
  4. Offer to take someone’s shopping cart back inside.
  5. Tell your co-workers you appreciate them.
  6. If you know someone with small kids, offer to babysit (for free) for an hour or two, so she can do last-minute Christmas shopping or wrap gifts or just take a nap. (We have a friend who lives on our block, who babysits Jackson once a month — while he’s sleeping — when her husband plays poker, so we can enjoy a dinner out. This is so kind and so appreciated!)
  7. Offer to give someone a ride home from work/class/a holiday party.
  8. Give up your taxi to the person waiting behind you.
  9. Give blood.
  10. Pay for someone’s coffee.
  11. Overtip the waitress.
  12. Help a mother carry a stroller up a flight of subway stairs.
  13. Compliment a stranger.

As I wrote this, I realized how often I’ve been the recipient of a random — or not so random — act of kindness, and it made me feel so grateful. Also, I realize there are countless wonderful charities and organizations people can donate their money to, but I deliberately kept this list short on money-centered ideas, because for people who are struggling financially right now, I think it’s helpful to be reminded of the many ways they, too, can make a difference in people’s lives without spending any money.

Any other ideas?